Clutch Disc Replacement: Three Essential Planning Tips for Effective Repairs


The clutch disc is an indispensable component in a manual transmission automobile. This unit is designed to engage the power transmission of the system during operation. When the vehicle starts and stops or experiences a gear change, the clutch is involved. Therefore, it is not unusual for this part to become worn out due to the friction generated when driving. Moreover, the wear might be accelerated by the increase of load when towing or hauling heavy loads constantly.

15 July 2020

A Guide On How To Purchase Wheels For Your Vehicle


Buying car wheels can seem like an easy task. However, buying the wrong wheels can significantly affect your vehicle's handling. Below are some tips to help you purchase car wheels.  Rims Most vehicles come with OEM rims of a particular size. However, some people will experiment with aftermarket rims to enhance the appeal of their car. Purchase aftermarket rims from reputable companies. Cheap imports without any guarantees are made from low-quality materials.

27 May 2020

Do You Know How Important Your Car's Brake Fluid is?


Most car owners understand that they will need to replace the friction pads on their vehicle from time to time. These small parts will, after all, wear down every single time that they apply the brakes in an effort to slow down the discs and decelerate each wheel. Yet they may not realise that another part of the braking system requires attention from time to time and is equally as important as those pads.

12 December 2019

Don't put it off—keep your trucks running well with regular servicing and repairs


Australia is a huge continent that requires thousands upon thousands of trucks operating around the clock to deliver, re-supply and pick up all the items that keep the country running smoothly. From food to mining equipment, Australia runs on the backs of the many truck drivers and companies that put in long hours to ensure everything is delivered on time. It is because of these long hours and competitive margins that many truck drivers and companies push their machines to the limit and avoid any servicing, which can have disastrous consequences.

4 September 2019

Is Your Car's Compressor About to Fail?


The air conditioning system fitted within your car or truck is, essentially, a miniature version of the same system that you find at home. It relies on a number of different components to work together, but most of the heavy lifting takes place within the compressor and condenser. Many issues associated with poor performance can be traced back to one or both of these primary components, but the compressor is typically the first place to look.

30 May 2019

Top 3 Worst Enemies of Any Diesel Engine Car


Diesel cars are generally more fuel efficient and have a longer working life than their petrol-powered cousins. If you own a diesel car, taking proper care of it is essential to keeping running at its best for as long as possible. That said, you should know what the worst enemies of diesel engine cars are. Take a look at the top three common causes of diesel car trouble.  1. Bad/Wrong-Spec Diesel

27 January 2019

Broken Down Car? How to Bring the Expertise to You Instead


Have you noticed how many breakdown trucks there are on Australian roads these days? This has much to do with the ever-increasing population and the number of vehicles used, but it's also partly to do with the fact that a breakdown will never occur at or near to a mechanic's workshop. That would be too good to be true, of course, but in the meantime, stranded motorists need a way of moving their stricken vehicle to the expert.

21 November 2018